Treccani welcomes DOPs and IPGs products in the Italian cultural heritage

Abruzzo contributes with a total of 31 Dop, Igp and Stg products and Ig spirit drinks protected and recognized by the EU.

Presented in Rome the Qualivita Atlas – Italian agri-food and wine products PDO PGI STG – Italian spirits IG, with the interventions of the Minister of agricultural policies Teresa Bellanova and the S&D Coordinator ComAgri of the European Parliament Paolo De Castro and Cesare’s reports Mazzetti President of the Qualivita Foundation, Riccardo Ricci Curbastro President of Federdoc, Cesare Baldrighi President of the OriG In Italy, Massimo Bray General Director of the Institute of the Italian Encyclopedia and Mauro Rosati Director of the Qualivita Foundation.

For the first time Treccani welcomes the culture of Geographical Indications and typical Italian products within the body of his works with the publication of the tenth edition of the Atlas Qualivita, the first and only volume in Europe dedicated to certified productions.  An “encyclopedic” reference made by the Qualivita Foundation, in collaboration with OriGIn Italia and Federdoc, to affirm the role of Italian quality chains as an element of national culture, alongside an inestimable economic value for the country.

The Atlas Qualivita stands as a profound synthesis of a varied richness thanks to 860 product sheets, divided into three sections: food products (299 cards), wine products (526 cards) and spirit drinks (35 cards produced in collaboration with Assodistil), which describe in detail each one of the Italian excellences protected as Geographical Indication, through information on processing method, history, regulations, nutritional and organoleptic characteristics of the products themselves. A renewed tool of knowledge destined for Italians, who have always been predisposed to be aware consumers and attentive to the concepts of authenticity and origin. The work represents a photograph of the agro-food panorama of national quality with Geographical Indication to which Abruzzo contributes with a total of 31 Dop, Igp and Stg products and Ig spirit drinks protected and recognized by the EU.

From the Pescarese Dop Aprutino to the Pretuziano Teramane Dop Hills to represent the importance of the olive oil tradition, up to the Saffron of the DOP Eagle, first for production in the whole country. With a clear majority of wine products certified on foodstuffs, it is precisely the PDO and PGI with an oenological character such as Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Dop, Trebbiano d’Abruzzo Dop or Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo Dop which gives a strong imprint to the cultural identity of this region.



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