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Join us as we sit down with Roberta Garibaldi, Professor of Tourism Management at the University of Bergamo, and the author of the Italian Report on Gastronomy Tourism. by World Food Travel Association



First off please introduce who you are and share with us how and why you got involved in food/beverage tourism.

RG: I am a professor at a university in Italy, and also the author of the Italian Report on Gastronomy Tourism. I am also a consultant in territorial projects and a keynote speaker in a number of conferences. My adventure in food and beverage tourism started with my passion for travel. I have always been attracted to the cultural side of food. By travelling, you inevitably get in touch with other food cultures and you have the opportunity to understand really how much food can tell about a place and its people. After I decided to transform this passion into my job, you know as Confucius once said:”Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”. And here I am.


Next we would love to know what your company does, its mission, vision, etc.

RG: I am a professor and a researcher so I am always keen to embark myself in new research as well as territorial projects in order to supervise the scientific dimension of gastronomy tourism product development by offering the operators data on the new trends associated with the project. I believe that food tourism can not be separated from the local community. That it is the solely custodian of traditions conceived as living heritage.

Source: News | Community Spotlight: Roberta Garibaldi – World Food Travel Association


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