Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, the first central-southern wine in Germany and the USA

83% of wine consumers in Italy know it, but also 45% of winelovers in Germany and 24% in the USA

83% of wine consumers in Italy know Montepulciano d’Abruzzo (43% cite it if invited to indicate the name of an Abruzzo wine), but also 45% of winelovers in Germany and 24% in the USA. And this is easily explained considering that 18 million Italians drank it, 6 million in Germany and 3 million between New York, Texas and California.

These are the results recorded on the most strategic markets by the Permanent Observatory wanted by the Consortium for the Protection of Abruzzo Wines and managed by the Nomisma Wine Monitor. And the research conducted on the three countries – in 2018 Germany was worth 35 million euros in exports of Abruzzo wines and the US 25 million – confirmed not only the affection for wine, but also the importance of the link with the territory.

Wine and territory
How is Abruzzo positioned in the perception of wine consumers? The Observatory curated by Nomisma confirms that 65% of the sample in Italy has been in Abruzzo at least once and the “top of mind” of the region are mainly connected to food – how can we not think of “arrosticini”? – and the peculiarities of a territory that combines sea and mountains, natural parks and art villages. Wine occupies sixth place with 7% of citations.

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