The “Pallotte cace e ove”

Tipiche del pranzo natalizio, le “pallotte cace e ove” nascono dall’esigenza di elaborare pietanze saporite e nutrienti, come le polpette


The “meatballs” with eggs and cheese are a poor and delicious dish of the tradition. They are made by making a dough with a little breadcrumbs, little seasoned pecorino cheese crumbled or grated coarsely, beaten eggs well and a little finely chopped parsley. The balls are fried in medium temperature extra virgin olive oil. In the meantime the tomato sauce is ready: light, prepared with a few stewed onion and the tomatoes warmed for ten minutes. So it’s time to put balls in the sauce to flavor another ten minutes.


The meatballs are first fried in extra virgin olive oil, and placed to cook, a slow fire for at least half an hour, in a pan where the cooking of a tomato sauce was launched.

Typical of the Christmas lunch, the “pallotte cace and where “arise from the need to offer tasty and nutritious dishes, such as meatballs, despite the shortage of meat available for the poorer segments of the population.


Source: Pallotte cace e ove | Regione Abruzzo – Dipartimento Turismo, Cultura e Paesaggio


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