Tag #GustAbruzzo and tell us about your experience in Abruzzo

Un hashtag per lo “storytelling” del territorio abruzzese.

#GustAbruzzo is first and foremost a #hashtag through which to collect and search information on what is communicated on social networks about Abruzzo, the reference hashtag for those who, individual enthusiasts, bloggers, operators of the sector want to give voice from the bottom to the territory itself support the work that the territory as a whole is already doing, without wanting to overlap or replace it by anyone else.

#GustAbruzzo hashtag opened and a social wall for everything

We often use on social networks, especially on Instagram, many hashtags with the aim of earning the greatest number of “likes” possible. The hashtag #GustAbruzzo does not have this objective, we thought that #GustAbruzzo could be a useful hashtag to “make an appointment” and find people and projects with which to interact, create relationships, collaborations that share the love for places where we live we visit or work and, why not, find and interact with people and tourists eager to discover Abruzzo. So on the Blog of Gustabruzzo we have inserted a page with a “social wall” (of which you can see a preview below) where all the contents posted on twitter and instagram are tagged #GustAbruzzo


Help us also to talk about Abruzzo with its wonderful places, its excellent food and wine, its art and its culture. Tell us your story and share your emotions to be part of a collective storytelling dedicated to our region.


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