Visit the Pian di Mare winery

Guided tour of the vineyards and winery with its production processes and tasting of its wines

The gentle hills of Villamagna, a few kilometers from the Adriatic and the embrace of Maja Mater, are the perfect setting for a terroir of character

Villamagna winemakers have managed over time to preserve the territorial identity by freeing themselves from mass commodification, to offer their guests (tourists, tasters, travelers or passers-by) a concentration of history and passion: their own wine.

Visit of the vineyard paying attention to the technical aspects of production (eg conventional agriculture, organic farming, tillage, vine training, yield per hectare etc).

Visit of the winery trying to understand the strategies and production techniques. During this phase the basic notions on the theory of winemaking will be provided in light of which the productive information provided by the producer will be deepened.

History of the winery

Wine tasting: basic notions of sensory analysis and tasting techniques will be introduced combined with hot and cold gastronomic preparations, so that, in the form of an educational laboratory, it is possible to hypothesize, try and verify food and wine combinations.

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Adulto € 25


Produttori riuniti Pian di mare via pian di mare, Villamagna 66010, IT
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