Abruzzo as you’ve never seen it before. The territory is well worth a thorough visit of naturalistic, historical, archaeological, architectural and gastronomic beauties. Every village, every valley, every city, over the centuries has generated typical local products that have outlined the “strong and gentle” profile of Abruzzo.



Food and wine tourism is a new way of traveling that is conquering an ever increasing number of enthusiasts , in search of authentic flavors and traditions. In this context, in fact, food takes on a new role, becoming the medium of a territory, of a culture and of values ​​linked to the land and its roots.

The food and wine tours in our Abruzzo, are about as many as there are places and the many possible combinations that can link them, given the rules of heritage of typical products offered by the land, of regional recipes. Typical products in Abruzzo trace wine and food itineraries that often intersect with nature itineraries. In fact, Abruzzo has a unique record: the Italian region that has the highest percentage of surface area subject to environmental protection: it is therefore obvious that the food and wine in Abruzzo is to a large extent linked to the natural heritage.

GustAbruzzo takes you to discover the culture and history of Abruzzo. The food and wine of a territory reveals the traditions and the link with its roots that unite land and food inextricably. Visit the farms, the cellars, the itineraries of GustAbruzzo, will be real sensory experiences related to the taste and tranquility conveyed by the traditions of the territories and by the certainties of rural or fish life. Pastors and fishermen are the subjects that give life to the Abruzzo places and that will represent them forever in the memory of the territory.

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